In a significant achievement for Qatar, the Organ Transplant Programme will soon start lung transplants, according to a recent announcement from Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) during a special ceremony attended by the Minister for Public Health, HE Dr Hanan Mohamed Al Kuwari.

Launch of the HMC Lung Tranplantation Programme
Launch of the HMC Lung Tranplantation Programme

A lung transplant is a major procedure to replace a person’s diseased lungs with those from a donor. The procedure is offered to people with lung failure when all other treatment options have failed. Currently, Qatar’s organ transplant programme offers kidney and liver transplantation programmes, in addition to transplant surgeries, making HMC one of the most comprehensive transplant centres in the region.

Dr Al Kuwari said the new lung transplant programme was a milestone for Qatar and will ensure patients in Qatar access to specialised level of care.

Qatar’s national strategy for organ donation and transplantation is not only world-leading in terms of the clinical and ethical standards it applies, added Dr Al Kuwari, but is also one that is appropriate to the healthcare needs of Qatar’s growing and diverse population.

Being able to offer lung transplants here in Qatar is a true milestone for our highly specialised teams and means that our patients no longer have to travel overseas for these procedures and follow-up care.

The programme will provide individualised treatment for patients in need of a transplant with a multi-disciplinary team of transplant pulmonologists and surgeons, along with nurses, social workers, dietitians, rehabilitation staff and other specialists, to provide comprehensive care and support. This includes Professor Takahiro Oto, an internally respected expert in lung transplantation who recently joined HMC as Lung Transplant Team Lead.

HMC Chief Medical Officer Dr Abdulla Al Ansari said it was a great achievement for the organisation and the teams involved to move into the next phase in the development of transplant services in Qatar.

As an organisation, we have continued growing to meet the increasing and changing needs of our community and has been striving to fulfil its vision to provide the best quality care for all patients irrespective of nationality, religion or race.

In November 2019, HMC set up the Heart and Lung Transplant Task Force team charged with not only creating the environment in which the programme would be a success, but also in planning and marshalling the resources and technology needed to make the transplant programmes happen. One year later, Dr Al Ansari said they are ready to launch lung transplants at Hamad General Hospital – a momentous achievement for HMC and for Qatar.

Dr Yousuf Al Maslamani, Medical Director of Hamad General Hospital and Director of Qatar Center for Organ Transplantation said the launch of the programme was the culmination of many years of hard work by the transplant teams.

Since the start of our transplant programme in 1986, we have worked tirelessly and strengthened the exceptional care we provide our patients.

According to Dr Al Maslamani, they have in place a multi-disciplinary team with some leading international experts that will enable them to deliver the highest levels of care to patients who need these procedures. They also have the technology, facilities and access to the expertise to perform these surgeries. More importantly, they have the overwhelming community support for the organ donation programme which is one of the keys to its success.

Dr Riadh Fadhil, Director of the Qatar Organ Donation Center at HMC and Chair of the Heart and Lung Taskforce, said there are currently more than 430,000 registered organ donors in Qatar.

He said that the wider organ donation and transplantation programme continues to evolve to meet the changing needs of the community and has been striving to fulfil its vision to provide the best quality care for all patients, irrespective of nationality, religion, or race.

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