Orphan Foundation ‘Dhreima’ Have Iftar at the Diplomatic Club

dhreima-iftar-at-diploAbout 100 children and 50 nursemaids from Qatar Orphan Foundation, Dhreima, had Iftar in Al Sayyad Tent at the Diplomatic Club on Saturday 13 July 2013.

The Diplomatic Club hosted the Iftar as part of its social responsibility programme. Adel Al Abdullah, Managing Director of the Diplomatic Club said:

The care of orphans is a great responsibility, and it has a major presence in the life of all Qataris. Our organisation was keen to support it with all means, and we assure our continued support for the direction of the nation in the care for its orphans, and to meet their different needs.’

After Iftar, the Diplomatic Club team organised games for the children, which ranged between dhreima-kids-playingsports games and competitions, with prizes given to the audience of children and nurses in appreciation of the foundation.

Khalid Kamal, the General Manager of Dhreima, said:

This foundation gets significant support from our beloved nation, its leaders and the people’s good deeds, and now we are at the Diplomatic Club, seeing additional support to Dhreima in this regard, this support demonstrates the involvement of the nation’s institutions in dealing with the orphans. It also exemplifies the humanitarian initiatives that have characterised the Diplomatic Club since its inception, so we extend all gratitude from our part.’

dhreima-diplo-cakeDhreima provides its services to whomever lives in Qatar regardless of gender, religion, ethnicity or language such as residential care service which is provided for children in the institution accommodation with all the needs such as health; psychological; educational; and religious services and other livelihood services. The accommodation is an alternative home and an attempt to secure the minimum family atmosphere that compensates for the loss of the natural family atmosphere. Nevertheless, Dhreima quest is to be a lodging ‘institution with no children’ since we believe that the family is the best environment for raising children.

For more information, visit Dhreima’s website.