oryx-and-qrc-ambulanceORYX GTL Ltd has donated two ambulances to Qatar Red Crescent (QRC) as part of its efforts in ‘Corporate social responsibility’.

ORYX GTL seeks to provide support in various aspects in the community, whether financial or social, abiding by our corporate social responsibility and to take part in achieving the national vision 2030. Chief Commercial Officer of ORYX GTL, Mohamed Al Moshiri, said:

We-at ORYX GTL- consider safety and security one of the most important mainstays in the programme of corporate social responsibility, which is embodied through its sponsorship of many campaigns and social events geared to all segments of society.

The ambulances form a significant contribution to the emergency medical services provided by QRC across Qatar as well as to various outreach programs. The vehicles are fitted with equipment of the highest international standards and will enable QRC to raise the level of health care at local events such as the National Sports Day, conferences, festivals and local and international sports events hosted by the State as well as visitors to shopping malls and commercial complexes where QRC treats over 4,000 cases per year. QRC also provide seasonal medical services during Ramadan and pilgrimage season.

Director of QRC’s Khor Branch, Rashid Mohannadi, praised the effort by ORYX and called on all businesses to exercise their corporate social responsibility to the communities in which they operate through generous donations that help various QRC projects to support the weak and needy. He said:

I would like to stress that one of the values ​​and directives of Qatar Red Crescent is to promote a sense of social responsibility in all sectors of business and give them the opportunity to apply their humanitarian orientation on the ground.’

The donation was announced in a ceremony held at QRC’s headquarters on Tuesday 27 August 2013, at 10 am, in the presence of Rashid Mohannadi, Director of QRC’s Khor Branch, Adel Al Baker, QRC’s Deputy Director of Financial Resources Development Department, Mohamed Al Moshiri, ORYX GTL Chief Commercial Officer, Katia Abboud, ORYX GTL Public Relations and Communications Manager, Sheikh Abdullah Al Thani, ORYX GTL Internal Communication Coordinator and Hussein Al Shammari, ORYX GTL Public Relations Coordinator.

On the role of QRC in first aid, Mohannadi said:qrc-ambulance

The Red Crescent plays a national role in the provision of ambulance services and it now has more than 42 ambulances which over the past year alone have dealt with around 350 cases, including around 135 cases treated at the scene…Additionally, Qatar Red Crescent offers training courses in first aid for different groups; currently providing around 30 courses in first aid training for about 400 trainees per month.’