Management Team - Oryx Rotana Doha Qatar
Oryx Rotana Doha, bagged top honours at Qatar Choice Awards 2014 by collecting the highest number of public votes in four categories: Favorite Hotel, Favorite Nightlife (Jazz Club), Favorite Brunch (Choices) and Favorite General Manager (Kevork Deldelian) in March 2014

The Oryx Rotana Doha has been named once again as the Best Airport Hotel in the Middle East this year at the 2014 World Airport Awards held at the Passenger Terminal EXPO in Barcelona, Spain. 

Oryx Rotana General Manager Kevork Deldelian said it was a real coup to win the award, given the high level of competition that the hotel faced across the region. Deldelian said:

We are so proud of this award – it symbolizes all that we set out to achieve since opening our doors four years ago.’

‘In a region where it seems there is a new luxury 5-star hotel opening each month, the Oryx Rotana Doha is pleased with their success being named as the Best Airport Hotel in the Middle East and stayed in 3rd position for World’s Best Airport Hotel global category. To deliver such exacting standards in one of the most competitive high end hotel markets is no small achievement, and the management and staff are proud of their place as the jewel of Middle East airport hotels.’

‘Doha is growing at an incredible rate and with so many new hotels and restaurants planning to open, the competition is very high. But our commitment to delivering a Five Star service with the backing our airline parent company and our attention to detail is what makes our hotel a favourite not only among travellers, but locals as well.’

Chairman of Skytrax, Edward Plaisted,said:

We congratulate Oryx Rotana Doha on a most successful performance at the World Airport Awards that serve to show how the hotel has become established as one of the finest Airport hotels in the world. The results demonstrate that the Oryx Rotana Doha has established itself as a true guest favourite, with the hotel not only named as the Best Airport Hotel in the Middle East for 2014, but also ranking 3rd position worldwide for the Best Airport Hotels in the World. This result is quite astounding, and shows the meteoric rise of the Oryx Rotana Doha on a global scale. In 2011 the hotel was ranked No 26 in the world, in 2012 this had risen to No 10, in 2013 also risen again to No 3 and now in 2014 we see the Oryx Rotana Doha again in the third position in the world. The Award reflects the standard of the hotel rooms and facilities, with a very large part of winning decided by the quality of staff service provided, and I am pleased to say that is an area where Oryx Rotana Doha scored very highly.’

According to Deldelian, the Rotana brand is renowned in the MENA region with an aggressive expansion plan in place; for the highest levels of service quality and guest comfort and in winning the Best Airport Hotel in Middle East and to ranked number three worldwide, Oryx Rotana Doha is clearly living up to these exacting standards. Rotana currently manages a portfolio of over 85 properties throughout the Middle East, Africa, South Asia and Eastern Europe with an aggressive expansion plan in place. Rotana has evolved its product brands to include, Rotana Hotels & Resorts, Centro Hotels by Rotana, Rayhaan Hotels & Resorts by Rotana and Arjaan Hotel Apartments by Rotana.