A large number of Doha College students have been rewarded for successfully completing the challenging requirements of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards – a globally recognised programme that helps to develop young people for life and work.

Nadeem Faisal, Award Coordinator at Doha College, said the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is DC’s largest Enhanced Curriculum Activity, with nearly 200 students taking part in three award levels – Bronze, Silver and Gold – and the numbers increase every year.

With a dedicated team of staff volunteering days and weeks of their time, students are offered an opportunity to put themselves out of their ‘comfort zone’ by undertaking Adventurous Journeys (AJ) in challenging conditions, and acquiring new skills and experiences through the other required sections of the Award, such as Service, Physical Activity, Skills and a Residential Project (Gold only).

All these go towards an ever increasing challenge through the levels, and all the while developing a wider skillset of participants who complete the Award.’


The students awarded at the recent ceremony clocked a total of 7,300 hours of purposeful activity, made up of 2,100 hours of service, 2,600 hours of skill and 2,600 hours of physical activity. Elena Ceban whose daughter Anastasia (Year 12) joined the programme said her daughter’s participation in the programme did not mean any extra work for parents.

She did everything herself, and completed her assignments proactively. She became independent, motivated and capable to manage the project herself.’

Faizaan Baig, also in Year 12, shared what they did in the programme.

For my skill I learnt French, for the Physical element I did sprinting with the Al Sadd Club, and my service hours were completed in school, where I helped in the library and in the facility management department. The hardest part was climbing the mountain in Sri Lanka, but staying motivated and committed was never an issue.’

To find out more about the programme, visit dohacollege.com.