Katara, the Cultural Village, welcomed thousands of guests to its February string of activities which included the lecture by Yusuf Estes, which was attended by 3,500 people, and Iraqi Folklore in partnership with the Iraqi Embassy in Qatar. Another highlight was the world premiere sellout performance of Romeo and Juliet, presented in partnership with the British Council and Globe Education, as part of the Qatar UK 2013 string of initiatives.

What’s next?

On Saturday 16 March 2013 is Zandonai’s compelling opera, Francesca Da Rimini, which is expected to be screened at 7 pm at Katara’s Drama Theatre, Building 16.

Another March highlight includes the 10-day Halal Hal, the second annual halal Qatar festival which celebrates traditional Qatari culture through arts and crafts, food and entertainment, such as, Qatari games and folk songs. Starting on Friday 22 March, the festival also brings to life a rare insight into Qatar’s sheep and goat industry and allows the public to journey into this essential aspect of Qatari tradition.

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