The Centre for Patient Experience and Staff Engagement (CPESE) Customer Service Programme – Nesma’ak – has assisted over two million patients since its establishment in June 2016.

To date, Nesma’ak has provided assistance to over 2.2 million patients, including answering over 900,000 way-finding requests, arranging over 500,000 appointments for patient care, and answering more than 200,000 general enquiries.

Nasser Al Naimi
Nasser Al Naimi

According to Nasser Al Naimi, Deputy Chief Quality Officer for Patient Experience and Co-Director for the Hamad Healthcare Quality Institute at HMC, caring for all patients is a complex undertaking due to the continuous growth and diversification of the country’s population. As the main provider of secondary and tertiary healthcare in Qatar, HMC aims to provide the safest, most effective, and most compassionate care.

We aim to provide all our patients with dignity and respect. They are reassured, informed, listened to, and addressed as an equal partner in their care. We aim to help patients navigate our healthcare system by providing them with the information they need.’

With over 275 patient experienced staff, CPESE is the driving force responsible for engaging with patients and improving their experience while being cared for across all HMC facilities. Al Naimi explained that Nesma’ak was introduced as a key department within CPESE to support and improve patient experience.

Last year, approximately 150 Nesma’ak staff across 12 hospitals and various facilities, welcomed, guided, and supported over 1.7 million outpatients and over 325,000 inpatients cared for by HMC.

Nesma’ak staff members  stationed across HMC are always eager to meet and greet hospital visitors with a cheerful smile. Our team members who answer calls at our dedicated call centre ensure every patient inquiry and concern is heard and fully addressed.’

Speaking further about the aim of CPESE, Al Naimi said that his team is focused on patient experience, patient engagement, patient education, and staff engagement. He said that in addition to managing a busy call centre and information desks located across HMC’s network of hospitals, CPESE also manages a mobile library for patients. The CPESE team works with locally-based embassies to gather books published in various languages in order to cater to HMC’s diverse patient population.

Al Naimi also mentioned their collaboration with Qatar Post, which is being utilised to provide patients with more convenient access to everything – from renewed health cards to certain medical supplies and medicines.

We developed a number of tools that are helping our staff improve the patient experience, including a hospital walk-around initiative designed to assess patient experience and a Nesma’ak patient experience app, which has now replaced manual data entry and allows for the immediate recording of patient feedback, comments, and complaints.’

Nesma’ak patient help desks are located close to the main entrances of most HMC hospitals. Patients can reach Nesma’ak on 16060, seven days a week, or via email at [email protected]. Visit for updates and more information.