An average of 1,210 Qatari men, women and children benefit from Seha, the National Health Insurance Scheme, every day as the scheme completes the first month of operations since the launch of Stage 2.

A total of 37,513 Qatari nationals received treatment under Stage 2 the scheme between 30 April and 31 May 2014, with further 34,990 Qatari women treated under Stage 1 of the scheme between July 2013 and April of this year to bring the total number of beneficiaries to 72,503.

Acting CEO of the National Health Insurance Company (NHIC) that operates and manages the scheme, Dr Faleh Mohamed Hussain Ali, said:

The introduction of health insurance for all Qatari nationals through Seha marks a major milestone in the realisation of Qatar’s National Vision 2030 and the modernization of the healthcare sector as envisioned by the National Health Strategy…The smooth roll-out of Stage 2, with around 1,210 patients passing through the system every single day, is a testament to the remarkable professionalism of all involved and the high level of cooperation between Seha’s network of healthcare providers and the NHIC.’

Seha members have several options to communicate with, and seek information and support about the scheme including a customer service center on the sixth floor of Amwal Tower in West Bay, a call center reachable under 4020 8444, information booths in major network hospitals and social media channels. The Seha call center registered just over 3,800 calls during the month of May, while 5,484 people stopped by the information booths. Seha also received some 200 member queries through Twitter and Facebook.

Seha has also launched a Diabetes Management Programme to assist members who suffer from the disease in managing their condition, providing support and education to enable patients to live healthier lives and delay the onset of diabetes-related complications. The first month of Stage 2 saw the enrollment of 164 members in the programme which is open to adult Seha beneficiaries who have been diagnosed with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.

The number of quality public and private hospitals and clinics included in the Seha provider network has doubled since from eight to 16 since the Start of Stage 2. The Seha network currently includes Hamad General Hospital, Hamad Women’s Hospital, Al Wakrah Hospital and The Cuban Hospital on the public provide side. Private providers include hospitals such as Al Ahli, Al Emadi Hospital and Doha Clinic Hospital and polyclinics including Al Hayat Medical Centre, Al Jazeera Medical Centre, Al Ahmadani Medical Center and six branches of the Doha Healthcare Group as well as Magrabi Optical outlets through Doha.

Coverage in Stage 2 includes both in-patient and out-patient services including preventative care, emergency treatment, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, long-term care, radiology, ophthalmology, laboratory testing and prescription medicines. Coverage for dental services is expected to begin later this month. The full schedule of benefits is available on the Seha website.

Information and updates on the scheme are available at the Seha website. Members can also call the Seha call centre on telephone 4020 8444, or alternatively visit the customer contact centre on the 6th floor of Amwal Tower in West Bay, Doha.