Forty-five, grade-three students from the elementary school at Qatar Academy Sidra, Qatar Academy Primary School and Awsaj Academy took part in ‘Plant a Tree for Life’ campaign on Wednesday 15 February 2014 at Education City.

Bakhamis announced the launch of the campaign. He said:

The Plant a Tree for Life Campaign introduces children to the importance of natural resources in their environment, including water, air, trees and so on. We want to encourage participation from children in order to develop their appreciation of the environment.’

The initiative was launched by the Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) Directorate at Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development and reflects Qatar Foundation’s commitment to developing the community and caring for the environment.

Senior Environment Specialist at HSSE Directorate, Abdulla Abdulaziz Al Hajjaj, stressed the importance of environmentally-friendly community activities that include children to make them aware of sustainability issues. He said:

This campaign is part of Qatar Foundation’s environmental and sustainability drive which has already won several awards including the LEED Platinum certificate for ‘leadership in energy and environmental design’ from the American Council for Green Buildings for our student housing.’

Dr Eric Sands, Director of Qatar Academy, agrees by saying:

Qatar Academy encourages students to engage in this kind of activity and therefore we launched the ‘School Without Walls’ programme that encourages students to work as a team and use skills they learnt in the classroom and apply them in different life situations.’

A total of 28 trees were planted in the space separating the new female housing area and Al Jazeera Children’s Channel with the collaboration of teachers, heads of schools and deans of universities. The event was attended by Engineer Jassim Telefat, Group Executive Director of Qatar Foundation Capital Projects and Facilities Management, Mohammed Ahmad Bakhamis, Director of HSSE and Dr Saif Ali Al Hajari, Founder and Chairman to the Friends of Environment Center (FEC) as well as the President to the Flower Each Spring programme.

According to Dr Hajari, many similar events were underway all over the country and that Qatar Foundation aimed to plant a million trees over the next five years. He said:

This type of campaign instills in youngsters the value of the environment and concern for life. This is part of our contribution to the state’s development and achievement of Qatar National Vision 2030.’