For the first time in the Gulf region, Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) is conducting Paediatric Pain Awareness Month.

The Children’s Hospital Project team at HMC is leading this major initiative as part of HMC’s partnership with SickKids Hospital Canada. The aim is to raise staff and public awareness and enhance pain management for infants, children and adolescents.

As part of the awareness campaign, there will be educational workshops to enhance the knowledge of 240 healthcare professionals; this will be done by using evidence-based tools to assess and manage pain in children.

Speaking about Pain Awareness Month, Dr Abdulla Al Kaabi, Project Director for the Children’s Hospital Project said:

We have been working for many years with SickKids to improve the level of care that children in Qatar receive, part of which is pain management in children from birth until adolescence. We started this campaign to raise the level of awareness among healthcare staff as well as families about recognizing and managing pain in children of different ages.”

Pointing out that the campaign is part of efforts to change the culture of pain being suppressed, Dr Mohammed Janahi, Chairman of Paediatrics at HMC said:

In our culture men and boys are discouraged from complaining if they are feeling any pain, but this is not right because we need to be aware if children are feeling pain. The purpose of holding Pain Awareness Month is to educate our people that children should be encouraged to express their pain, and people who are caring for children should not ignore this, as it could indicate a serious condition which we can better diagnose if we are aware of the pain that the child is feeling.”

Public educational activities will also be conducted in HMC hospitals, as well as through newspaper and television broadcasts. A Pain Awareness symposium will be held to close the event.