According to Public Works Authority (Ashghal), renovations to Rawdat Al Khail Park, and the upcoming Al Gharrafa and Umm Al Seneem parks will be completed within the fourth quarter of 2021. 

According to Ashghal, there is an increasing need for more public parks and pressure on the existing public park network due to the population growth in Qatar. 

This has necessitated Ashghal to implement three parks in wider lands at Al Gharrafa and Umm
Al Seneem, in addition to developing the Rawdat Al Khail Park, once known as Al Muntazah Park.

Two of the parks will contain air-conditioned tracks for recreational activities such as walking, exercising and cycling – becoming the first-ever parks with such technology.

Rawdat Al Khail Park is located in the Rawdat Al Khail area on C Ring Road. Spread across 140,000 sq m, the well-known park is currently being renovated and expanded to offer more facilities for visitors of all ages. The features include a green area of 105,000 sq m with 1,250 trees, 1,300 m long pedestrian and bicycle paths, and 401 car parking spaces.

The proposed Umm Al Seneem Park is located at Hayr Al Zahra Street and Waab Lebarg Street in an area of about 130,000 sq m, with many facilities for visitors of all ages. The first-of-its-kind park will also have 1,150 metres of air-conditioned tracks for the public to enjoy.

The park’s features include a 102,000 sq m green arena, 740 trees, 1,200 m pedestrian and bicycle paths, and 378 car parking spaces.

Al Gharrafa Park, located at Umm Al Zuber Street, will be around 50,000 sq m, with an equally good number of facilities for visitors of all ages. Features include a green area of 36,000 sq m, over 300 trees, 650 metre-long pedestrian and bicycle paths, and 208 car parking spaces.

The new, renovated parks will ensure social, environmental and recreational benefits. The three parks will have thousands of trees, including local species Ghaff, Samar and Sidra, and plants across vast green areas along with facilities for visitors. The trees will serve as windbreaks and help in reducing dust and lowering heat.

In addition, the parks will have restaurants, fitness equipment for grown-ups, and lanes for joggers and cyclists. 

Each park will include two children’s play areas with new designs to enhance the physical and mental well-being of children for two different age groups – 2–5 years and 6–12 years – as well as children with special needs. 

Local companies will also have kiosks to offer products and services to visitors.

According to Ashghal, the construction of the Al Gharrafa and Umm Al Saneem parks and the expansion of the Rawdat Al Khail Park will be completed within the fourth quarter of 2021. 

Al Rayyan Parks

Al Rayyan Municipality has joined hands with Ashghal to set up new parks in Al Rayyan within two years.

In addition to the previously mentioned under construction parks in Umm Al Seneem and Al Gharrafa, three other parks will open in Al Rayyan.

The parks will have thousands of trees and plants amid vast green areas along with facilities for visitors such as restaurants, fitness equipment for adults, children’s play areas including those for children with special needs, and jogging and cycling lanes.

There is also a plan in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport and Communications to develop pedestrian and cycle paths within various areas of the municipality in order to encourage healthier lifestyles.

About Parks in Qatar

At present, there are a total of 95 parks in Qatar. There are 38 parks in Doha, followed by
Al Rayyan with 29 parks, Umm Salal with 5, and Al Sheehaniya with 3.

In recent years, Ashghal, along with the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, has opened new parks, including 5/6 Park in June 2020 and Al Bayt Stadium Park in February 2020. In addition, the renovated Al Khor Family Park reopened in February 2020.

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Author: Ola Diab

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