The third Emergency Management Training workshop under the Permanent Committee for Emergency (PCE) Qatar and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) started at Doha Sheraton hotel on Sunday 16 February 2014 and will continue until 26 February 2014.

The inaugural session was attended by Staff Major General Saad bin Jassim Al Khulaifi, the Director General of Public Security and Chairman of Permanent Emergency Committee Qatar, and Nabil Othman, the Regional Representative of UNHCR for GCC, and Dr Adnan Al Tamimi, Chairman of the Cooperation Council Center for Emergency along with dignitaries form the Permanent Emergency Committe and different official departments in the state.

Major General Saad bin Jassim said that the Permanent Committee for Emergency in Qatar is committed to doing its best to achieve higher goals to raise the level of national cadres as well as the institutions and the concerned authorities of the state in order to face any risks and minimise losses. Othman acclaimed the distinctive role and efforts of Qatar in humanitarian aid and assistance wherever necessary. He revealed the facts on the risks and losses suffered by the refugees at various levels and the relevant importance of UNHCR to support these people.

According to Brigadier Hamad Al Duhaimi, the Director of Operations Department of Civil Defense, the third training session will be attended by the officials from different sections of the Emergency Committee and lectures and practical guidelines are lined up under the guidelines of well-experienced expert trainers from UHCR.

In his training session, John Telfor emphasised the importance of training on its theoretical and practical aspects for as it covers all topics related to the affairs of refugees. The camp is set up at Zikrit to train participants practically where they will be staying in the camp and working as a team and simulate the conditions of refugees and refugee camps as participants will be required to provide the requested assistance to them and it will mark a greater advantage in the careers of the participants.