What do Pearls, Harrods and FIFA have in common?

Qatar, of course! Qatar’s economy used to depend on pearling before oil was discovered, Qatar bought Harrods two years ago and Doha is set to host the FIFA World Cup in 2022.

Virginia Commonwealth University Qatar (VCUQ) are holding a lecture about Doha at 6pm on Tuesday 28th February 2012. It’s called Pearls, Harrods and FIFA: (De)-Constructing Future Utopia, the Narrative of Qatar.

The lecture is about Doha as an emerging knowledge and creative city and will look at Doha’s construction of a modern identity.

The lecture will be taken by Dr Ali A. Alraouf, an architect, urban designer, writer and educator who specialises in urban planning. He currently teaches Design, Urban Planning and Theories at Qatar University.

The event is held in the atrium at VCUQ at 6pm and is free.