Last night saw the launch of ‘Andares: Peruvian Paso Horse’ a photography exhibition from Peruvian artist Ana Marìa Garcìa Montero. Sponsored by ibq and in conjunction with the Embassy of Peru, the Peruvian Paso Horse Association and Qatar Photographic Society (QPS), the exhibition is being held at Katara.

Attended by the Ambassador from the Peruvian Embassy, the exhibition affords a glimpse into the world of the regal animals known for their ambling gait called the ‘paso llano’ which gave them their name.

The horses have been photographed beautifully and it is well worth visiting the exhibition. Montero’s photographs perfectly capture the majestic grace and power of the horses and her shots are vibrant and evocative.Visit Qatar Photographic Society, building 18, from Wednesday 2nd to Saturday 19th of May, from 10 am to 10 pm to see it.