The Oral Health Promotion and Prevention Department of Preventative Health Directorate of Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) has launched the ‘Senan’ Nursery Oral Health Promotion Programme for young children, in collaboration with Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

The programme is intended to reach all public and private nurseries in Qatar with the aim of improving oral health of children below four years of age. It is devised as an important approach in response to high prevalence of tooth decay noticed among kindergarten students.

The School Oral Health Programme’s screening results for the academic year 2022-23 revealed that 61% of kindergarten children had tooth decay.

The ‘Senan’ programme aims to overcome this problem by improving oral health of young children in nurseries, even before the enter kindergarten.

Dr Hamad al-Mudahka, Executive Director of Preventive Health Directorate at the PHCC, emphasised that the ‘Senan’ programme for nurseries will target parents, caregivers, staff and nurses at the nurseries.

This initiative will equip them with essential knowledge and tools to support the children’s oral hygiene routines.

Led by Dr Najat AlYafei, the Promotion and Prevention Oral Health Department Manager, PHCC, the programme aims to instill early oral hygiene habits and preventive dental care among young children focusing on promoting dental hygiene habits and healthy dietary habits to prevent tooth decay and gum diseases, thus enhancing overall oral health from an early age.

It also addresses common harmful oral habits that children frequently acquire, such as biting nails, chewing ice, sucking thumb or fingers, or using pacifiers, which can have temporary or permanent effects on oral health.

Additionally, the ‘Senan’ programme for nursery children will annually host an open house activity to promote the importance of oral health for both sectors.

SOURCE: Gulf Times

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