Fatigue can affect people from all walks of life and can be a barometer of our overall health. It goes beyond simply being tired and can impact concentration levels, mood and productivity.

Especially during the summer months in Qatar, it is very easy to forget the good practices of a healthy lifestyle with limited outdoor time, heat and indoor air conditioning can affect our overall mood and well being, making us feel more lethargic than usual.

An important part of our lifestyle is making healthy choices throughout the year to help us overcome the energy zappers that can cause fatigue.

Here are Five Easy-to-Follow Tips from the Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC).

Background concept wordcloud illustration of fatigueRule Out Health Problems: Fatigue is a common symptom of many illnesses, including diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, anaemia, thyroid disease, and sleep apnea. In order to rule out more important health issues, we recommend booking an appointment with your family doctor at your local health centre.

Exercise: It is not very easy to exercise with the summer heat or when you are feeling fatigued. However, many studies show that physical activity boosts energy levels and reduces fatigue over time. You might not be able to enjoy a walk along the Corniche but even 20 minutes of moderate physical activity at home can help your body produce more endorphins and reduce tiredness. Even a rigorous walk around the mall for 15 minutes a day can help increase your heart levels.

Get Enough Sleep: One of the key causes of fatigue is lack of sleep. Sleep is fundamental in restoring our health. Make sleep a priority and have a regular schedule. Aim to have seven or eight hours of sleep at night. There are studies which suggest that light coming from laptop screens and smartphones can impact the quality of sleep. Therefore, removing these from the bedroom can also aid in a good night’s sleep.

Eat Healthy: One of the easier ways to reduce fatigue is to start eating healthier food that provide your body with energy rather than overworking it. Eating processed foods such as carbohydrate and sugar-rich can create an imbalance in our bodies resulting in heightened levels of stress and fatigue. Aim to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle and always eat breakfast and small meals throughout the day which are energy rich. This is especially important in the summer when energy zappers are more prevalent.

Drink Enough Water: Dehydration zaps energy and impairs physical performance. As 60% of our body is made of water, it is important to drink enough water throughout the day. The fluid requirement per day for male is 3.4 litre and 2.4 litre for female, according to the Qatar dietary guideline. This is important as not drinking enough water can impact the way our brain functions and can affect our mood and concentration levels. 

Visit phcc.qa for more tips on healthy living in Qatar.