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This week Doha Heat had the pleasure to meet 24-years young, Henna Artist, Nazma Mazhar. Arriving in Doha only last Podcast of the week Mehndi Artist Doha Heatyear, she has already stunned the community by her beautiful act of kindness, a personal charity project which she calls Henna Crowns for Cancer patients. Henna art, or temporary tatoos as some may refer to it, is extremely popular in Qatar. The substance henna is a natural brownish/red dye from a flowering plant called Lawsonia inermis, commonly known as henna or mendhi in some cultures. Many people opt for henna designs all over their limbs for special occasions or celebrations such as weddings, graduations, national day and more.

Nazma has put her special talent to a wonderful cause, and continuously empowers women who have lost their hair due to cancer or the genetic disease alopecia to increase their self esteem and boost confidence.

Nazma told Doha Heat:

My parents have been my inspiration since I was a child. They were always partaking in charity projects which rubbed off on me as I grew up. Having lost family members to cancer I  found my calling to support cancer patients in Doha. The henna crowns make them feel good about themselves and make living with cancer more bearable. They are able to find beauty in baldness.’

Nazma has received immense support from the community at large as well as wishes from people all over the globe. She hopes to inspire more henna artists in Qatar and beyond to use their talents to help others and not limited to henna artists, rather a call of action to the public to use their talents to do acts of kindness on a regular basis.