Police College celebrated the graduation of its second batch of diving and paragliding graduates this weekend. The ceremony was attended by school officials and parents of students.

Three military courses including paragliding and diving, were introduced to the college to promote specialised programmes with qualitative advantages. The courses give candidates self-confidence and the ability to withstand difficulties, improve their field efficiency and open the way to discover their skills by land, sea and air.

Police College, in cooperation with the Qatari Emiri Air Force and Lekhwiya provided all the requirements for the paragliding course, including the most skilled trainers and experts to oversee the specialised courses.

The diving and paragliding course may be considered among the most important courses offered by Police College as it raises the level of physical training for students and provide them with additional military skills.

The students of the second batch at the Police College also showed off their paragliding skills off two 5,000-feet vertical planes, with flags of the State of Qatar, Lekhwiya force and Qatar Police College. The students showcased their ability to jump and land safely and confidently.

Police College Director General Brigadier Muhammad Abdullah Al Mohanna stressed that they always seek to prepare candidates and train them using the latest methods to improve their level of performance and reach the highest levels of readiness so that they can perform their duties and entrusted tasks to the fullest.