Qatari FlagsAccording to The Peninsula, more than 46,000 people left the country in June, which could be associated with the residents of Qatar leaving the country for their summer vacations.

The Qatar Statistics Authority (QSA) statistics show that the population of Qatar is approximately 1.9 million, which decreased from the population in May 2013, which was more than 1.96 million.

Figures show that the maximum number of people are out of the country during August. Population figures for August 2012 reflect that some 108,655 people, including citizens and expatriates, were out of the country.

However, the figures also suggest that there has been a massive increase in the population in the last year since May 2012. The population in May 2012 was 1,795,828, which rose to 1,963,124 in May 2013, showing an increase of 167,296.

The population is expected to go down further in July and August as more people leave for their summer vacations.