Qatar’s first Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge on the 2nd to 3rd of March was a roaring success. The weekend at Losail International Circuit saw Saudi Arabian Prince Abdulaziz Al Faisal (below) reclaim his title of Champion, squeezing ahead of Clemens Schmid after a corner disaster in the tenth round took his only remaining challenger, Bandar Alesayi, out of the race.


> on March 3, 2012 in Doha, Qatar.Abdulaziz Al Faisal is a keen athlete who is looked upon as a role model by many young Arabs. He said ‘If you are in the position to act as a role model, one should respect the importance and responsibility that this entails. For me that means living your life in a way that the people will look up to you and try to copy some of your traits without coming across as false or preaching.’

Austrian racer Clemens Schmid won Round 10, with Qataris Saddon Al Kuwari and Abdul Rahman Al Thani came in 5th and 8th, respectively.

Round 10 results

1. Clemens Schmid (AUT)                                                    24:34.293

2. Abdulaziz Al Faisal (KSA) Saudi Falcons                         24:40.597

3. Ahmad Al Harthy (OM) Oman Air Racing                         24:43.966

4. Saeed Al Mouri KSA) Saudi Falcons                                24:56.022

5. Saddon Al Kuwari (QAT) Gerbhard Motor Sport ME         24:57.270

6. Musaed Al Murar (UAE)                                                     25:03.826

7. Armin Schmid (SUI) Team TCE                                         25:04.271

8. Abdul Rahman Al Thani (QAT)                                          25:16.251

9. Beat Ganz (SUI)                                                                 25:17.762

10. Salman bin Isa Al Khalifa (BAH)                                      25:20.170

Championship positions after Round 10

1. Abdulaziz Al Faisal (KSA) Saudi Falcons                          186pts (champion)

2. Bandar Alesayi (KSA) Saudi GT Racing                            144pts

3. Saeed Al Mouri KSA) Saudi Falcons                                 128pts

4. Clemens Schmid (AUT)                                                     126pts

5. Ahmad Al Harthy (OM) Oman Air Racing                          108pts

6. Saadon Al Kuwari (QA)                                                       88pts

7. Stephane Lemeret (BEL) Al Nabooda Racing                    86pts

8. Armin Schmid CH Team TCE                                              67pts

9. Hannes Waimer (GER) Team TCE                                      50pts

10. Karim Al Azhari (UAE) Al Nabooda Racing                       43pts

Michelin Silver Trophy

1. Saadon Al Kuwari (QA)                                                      88pts

2. Armin Schmid (CH) Team TCE                                          67pts

3. Hans Guido Riegel (GER) Haribo Racing                          39pts

4. Mark Thomas (CAN)                                                           27pts

Mobil 1 Trophy

1. Hannes Waimer (GER)                                                       50pts

2. Manfred Ender (AUT) Frins Structural Steel                      36pts

3. Rob Frijns (NL) Frins Structural Steel                                 33pts

4. Fawaz Algosaibi (KSA) ClassicArabia Racing                    31pts