Preparations for Fath El-Kheir 2 journey are underway that will head to India. All logistical and safety needs have been prepared for both sailors and the dhow. The sail is 80% ready and the route map to this sea journey is ready. The journey will depart Katara’s beach on 5 October 2015. 

Ahmad Al Hitmi, the director of beach department at the Cultural Village Foundation-Katara,  stated that the work is underway and the dhow’s sail is 80% ready and will be ready in 10 days after the right measurements were taken.

Al Hitmi added that the logistical side of the journey is ready. That is, a water tank and a pantry were prepared to meet the journey needs. The route map was solicited with Naqilat to decide on the licensed ports that can host the dhow only in case of emergency during the journey.

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Katara Beach department will organize specialized sea courses in co-operation with the competent parties in order to train sailors in this journey, Al Hitmi added. The courses will equip sailors with the main skills and expertise they will need during this historic journey, such as firefighting, first aid, and rescue. Recently sailors were trained on responding to any emergency while on board.

Beach Department Director, unveiled a trial journey in the near future aboard of the same or similar dhow to get sailors accustomed to the sail and the long journey. The highest safety measures have been adopted in Fath El-Kheir 2, four life boats seating 16 persons each as well as life jackets for everyone aboard have been provided, in addition to 12 spare jackets on the side.

Al Hitmi also added that there will be an important meeting for the sailors in which duties during the journey will be allocated. The duties are given to sailors according to the expertise and qualifications of every participant, roles and duties will later be swapped during the journey.

Al Hitmi said that the beach department is liaising with the Indian embassy in Doha to ensure the journey will be run easily and smoothly. For instance, entry visas and a permission to use the commercial port in Mumbai have been obtained. In Oman, authorities were contacted so the dhow can use Sur Port on the way to India and Muscat port on the way home.

Fath El-kheir (2) journey will last for two months. The dhow will set out from Katara beach through the Arabian Gulf and the Arab Sea via Oman and arriving in Mumbai in India. The journey concludes on 17 November and coincides with the launch of Katara Fifth International Dhow Festival in a thrilling experience commemorating the bright glories that had always been on those coasts in the distant past.