There is probably nowhere else in the world so closely associated with camels than the Arabian Gulf, where historically, the camel has been a beast of burden. Here in Doha, you can occasionally see camels outside the Camel Market in Abu Hamour, and pedigree racing camels can be sold for half a million dollars. Although they are very striking, you probably don’t want a live one roaming around your house. Or do you?

If you do want a life size camel to sit majestically in your sitting room or hall, then you should think about getting a sculpture of one – The Ritz-Carlton Doha has formed an association with the Art Wanson Group to showcase international art and are exhibiting a camel made out of recycled stainless steel which sits outside the restaurant Porcini.

Created by famous French sculptor Gari, the camel is called ‘Privé de Desert’ and is a unique creation. The camel costs €80,000, so if you want to buy it (or just have a look) go and visit The Ritz-Carlton, Doha.

The co-founders of the Art Wanson Group with the Japanese Ambassador and his wife