The service offers free legal advice, assistance and representation to eligible individuals

Following its mission to provide and enhance access to justice, the Qatar International Court and Dispute Resolution Centre (QICDRC) launched a new Pro Bono Service that enables eligible individuals to receive legal advice, assistance and representation, free of charge.

The service is launched to assist individuals who may be facing difficulties because of COVID-19 and in need of legal advice. For those who cannot afford to pay for legal advice during these challenging times and whose dispute falls within the jurisdiction of the Court or Tribunal, the service is available.

The service is the latest initiative of the Qatar International Court to spearhead the delivery of swift, fair and efficient judgments as part of an innovative legal model for commercial and civil dispute resolution.

Open to individuals with limited financial means, the service will draw on a local network of lawyers and legal firms to volunteer their time and expertise. Individuals who are seeking pro bono legal advice and representation will be able to refer to the QICDRC Pro Bono Service Guidelines and submit application via the court’s website.

Qatar International Court CEO Faisal Al Sahouti, said the new pro bono service reflects their core mission to make justice accessible to the community, whilst maintaining the highest level of professional and legal excellence.

We are proud to extend the Court’s services and provide free legal advice and representation to those in financial need, particularly at a time when many individuals are facing heightened stress due to the global situation affected from the spread of COVID-19.

He said that they are proud to collaborate with leading legal professionals and firms in Qatar, and are grateful for their contribution to the initiative.

Individuals who are seeking pro bono assistance can access the application documents and guidelines via the court’s website at