InterContinental Doha The City has recently launched its own environmental initiative, Project No-Waste, with the Clean Plate Challenge as its first activity. Project No-Waste is a step to reduce our ‘food’ print through a clean plate to make a positive difference for others and the environment. Colleagues will be encouraged to take only what they can eat and to eat everything off their plate – the Clean Plate Challenge. Instead of being a week or month-long programme, the Project No-Waste will be an ongoing activity for the hotel with the Clean Plate Challenge itself taking place for a minimum of 365 days with future activities to be launched alongside and after it.

The aim of the programme is to reduce food wastage through which we can save resources, money, and reduce our impact on the environment to move towards a future where everyone in the world can eat.

Gilles Longuet, General Manager of InterContinental Doha The City, said:

This is a project that we are passionate about. Food wastage concerns all of us, and we are doing this for our environment and for the future generations. We are all responsible for the impact we have on planet Earth. Through small actions such as simply taking only the food you can consume, we can make an impact for the better before it is too late.’

The programme was launched by the Human Resources team at the Colleagues Cafeteria where team members took a commitment and pledged to take up the cause for not less than 365 days, making it one of the first hotels to take on a challenge of this scale. Colleagues were asked not only to keep to their pledge at work but to also continue their commitment at home and wherever they may go. Although currently for colleagues, the social cause will soon be extended to guests to create a greater feeling of responsibility and aims to be an ongoing project.

Antoraj Mariasusai, Director of Human Resources of InterContinental Doha The City, said:

Food wastage is not just a matter of cost, but a matter of resources which affects everyone, from the farmer who grows the product to the consumers who purchase it. Because of food waste, the supply and demand ratios are also affected which increases inflation and can lead to families going hungry.’

‘The time for action is now and we want to do our part to make a difference.’

Left-right Mr. Antoraj Mariasusai, Mr. Gilles Longuet, Mr. Gurvinder Singh

For updates and more information about this latest initiative from InterContinental Doha The City, check out their website through this link.