Doha College recently hosted a two-day conference that explored the neuroscience behind psychopathy. Students participated in career workshops in forensic psychology, crime scene investigation, prisoner rehabilitation psychology, sports psychology and elite performance psychology for world class musicians.

James Fallon
Professor James Fallon

The conference aims to provide students with a unique opportunity to be exposed to career possibilities stemming from psychology, sociology and other social sciences.

American Professor James Fallon was the keynote speaker of the conference. Professor Fallon has done research on many areas of psychology, biology and neuroscience. His research into adult stem cells was nominated for a Nobel Prize. His TED talks have been watched by millions and he has appeared on the popular US television show ‘Criminal Minds’ as himself.

The conference saw student participation from the American School of Doha, American Community School, Al Maha Academy, Al Jazeera Academy, Compass School, Park House English School and of course, Doha College.

Martyn Stewart, Head of Psychology at Doha College, chartered psychologist and published author of many works in the field, said  the ASPIRE Psychology Conference aims to shape the future positively and productively with speakers and educators who bring ideas to life.