Developees group photo QAPCO CNAQ

Qatar Petrochemical Company (QAPCO) QSC, one of the leading petrochemical powerhouses in the region and a pioneer in petrochemical production, honoured six of its high achieving students for their exemplary academic performance.

Six of QAPCO’s most accomplished students attending the College of the North Atlantic – Qatar (CNA-Q) were recently commended by the College for achieving Honors Standing for the Spring Semester 2014. In addition to receiving a letter of recognition, the students’ official College transcript will now display the ‘Honors Standing’ notation.

QAPCO’s Vice Chairman and CEO, Dr Mohammed Yousef Al Mulla, spoke of his pride at the accomplishment of the students, saying:

It is vitally important to QAPCO that all our Developees and Scholarship students work hard and perform to the best of their ability during their studies. We, in partnership with CNA-Q and other educational institutes in Qatar and abroad, offer our full support and commitment so that our students can achieve their dreams of earning a Degree or Diploma and building better futures for themselves, their families and our community. This is why I am so pleased with these students and hope that they will strive to maintain this high level of performance throughout their studies and during their career within QAPCO.’

To mark this academic success, a ceremony was arranged for the six high achievers by the Learning & Development Department in QAPCO to recognise and reward their efforts and dedication. Five of the students achieved their Honors Standing in Chemical Processing Technology and one in Business Administration Accounting.

Mubarak Abdulla Al Eidan, one of the students stated:

On behalf of my QAPCO colleagues at CNA-Q I would like to thank all QAPCO Management and in particular Dr Mohammed Yousef Al Mulla and Engineer Abdulla Ahmad Naji, Learning & Development Manager, for their continuous support and encouragement. It has allowed us to continue our education and enabled us to learn the skills and knowledge that will equip us with the competencies to become professional engineers and business professionals in the future.’

QAPCO has grown to be recognised as one of the largest producers of low density polyethylene (LDPE) in the Middle East. The company produces a wide range of LDPE grades suitable to all thermoplastics processing techniques with various applications, such as packaging films, agricultural films, extrusion and coating lamination films, high-clarity films, injection molding, cables, wires, foam and other products that are widely used all over the world and touching everyone’s daily life. QAPCO was established in 1974 as a joint multinational venture to utilise the associated and non-associated ethane gases from petroleum production in line with the industrialisation plan of Qatar. QAPCO is jointly owned by Industries Qatar (IQ) with 80% share and Total Petrochemicals France with 20% share.