To mark the holy month of Ramadan, Qatar Airways and Qatar Aviation Services (QAS) distributed Iftar food boxes to approximately 3,000 employees working at Hamad International Airport, to show support and recognise their valued employees during the fasting period.

QAS Senior Vice President Mehmet Murat Nursel, and his management team were present onsite to help distribute the meals and spend time with staff members.

Qatar Airways Senior VP for Human Resources Nabila Fakhri said the Iftar boxes will help employees who are still working during the Iftar hour to break their fast and sustain themselves until they are able to have Iftar with their families.

Acknowledging that their work is hugely appreciated is an important part of our celebration this holy month, and we are delighted to be able to distribute these meals to our hard-working team members.’

Nursel added that they want to recognise the contribution of all staff, especially those who work outdoors during this holy month.

All employees were invited to receive the Iftar boxes and spend time with our senior management, as a demonstration of thanks for the important work that they do.’

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