If you plan to spend some time out of the country this summer, Qatar Airways’ wide selection of destinations just might lure you out with the opening of its direct flights to cities like Skopje and Sohar.  

Qatar Airways Moscow

Twenty-one flights per week starting 2 August

Moscow is renowned for its stunning architecture and iconic historical landmarks such as the Kremlin and Red Square, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Russian capital is a cultural treasure trove, famous for its symphonies, classical music, theatre and ballet, offering visitors a vast array of enriching activities to choose from.

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Skopje Macedonia - Alexander the Great Statue 6 copy

Four flights per week 

As the capital of the Republic of Macedonia, Skopje provides a gateway to a country of dramatic scenery, including lakes, mountains and historic towns, while the city itself is home to both Ottoman and European architecture. Visitors to the city can enjoy the National Gallery of Macedonia, while those venturing further afield can visit the lakeside city of Ohrid, which features its own picturesque castle.

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Seven flights per week starting 28 August 

Kiev is one of Eastern Europe’s oldest cities and considered a historic and cultural centre, with stunning architecture and many museums and galleries showcasing the city’s centuries-long past. The art collections and architecture of this ancient city are widely-recognised world treasures. One of Eastern Europe’s undiscovered jewels, this exquisitely beautiful city offers a striking skyline resplendent with glittering turrets, twisting spires and golden domes, and is quickly becoming a popular destination for travellers-in-the-know.

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National Convention Centre and Samuel Beckett Bridge on River Liffey, Dublin, Ireland

Daily flights 

Dublin is teeming with culture, charm and architecture. Home to poets, artists and novelists, including Oscar Wilde, the city is among the most welcoming in Europe, and offers exquisite cuisine and superb shopping. Beyond the effortless style of its monuments and buildings, Dublin also offers breathtaking natural beauty in its coastline, countryside and mountains.

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Five weekly flights  

Located on the magnificent French Riviera, Nice has a true cosmopolitan vibe with fashionable boutiques and restaurants, alongside magnificent beaches. The city is also the gateway to the South of France, with popular destinations such as Cannes, St Tropez, Antibes and the region of Provence, and within easy reach of neighbouring Monaco and Northern Italy.

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Sohar Oman

Three weekly flights starting 8 August  

Sohar is famous not just for mythical Arabian characters, but some particularly large copper deposits too, with three large mines containing ore from over 18 million tonnes of deposits. It’s also a major commercial and financial centre for the region, attracting business visitors as well as tourists. With plenty of clean, safe beaches, fabulous nearby diving, and archaeological wonders to keep history lovers happy, booking a flight to Sohar gives you access to one of the region’s hidden gems.

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Daily flights starting 21 August  

Among Prague’s cobbled streets you’ll find high-end fashion stores, sleek computer software companies and restaurants serving high quality local cuisine. With all this waiting for you, it’s easy to forget that it’s only recently that Prague came out from behind the Iron Curtain, and since then has taken centre stage as one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations.

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Other new destinations planned for the remainder of this year and 2018 include Canberra, Australia; Chiang Mai, Thailand; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; San Francisco, US; and Santiago, Chile. A total of 25 new destination launches will take place throughout 2017-2018.

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