Qatar Airways is gearing up to welcome more than 120 Qataris as students, developees and direct hires to its Al Darb Qatarisation programme during a special ceremony on 7 September.

The event, which will take place at Al Gassar, will also celebrate the accomplishments of those already enrolled in the Al Darb programme as they reach significant milestones in their career development.

The Al Darb Qatarisation programme, formally known as the Nationalisation programme, will also take the opportunity to proudly, and officially, introduce its new branding to guests as the programme prepares for re-launch on 8 September. Originally launched in June 2011 as the Nationalisation Programme, Al Darb will feature a new logo to symbolise the re-launch and the new direction.

Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive, His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker said:

I believe that Qatar Airways offers one of the most rewarding Qatarisation programmes in Qatar. Through Al Darb, we are able to find and develop passionate and keen students who want to feel rewarded through the contributions they make, and see the results through their hard work. Our programme is challenging, but extremely rewarding, which is why we are looking for professional Qataris, students and recent graduates, who are highly ambitious, driven and motivated.’

Al Darb, which means the pathway, highlights the range of career options within Qatar Airways, as well as representing Qatari Nationals, set on a path to become global residents and ambassadors for The State of Qatar.

The new recruits will be entering one of the nine educational and training programmes offered by the airline. These include: National Scholarship programme, Cadet Pilot programme, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering programme, Summer Internship programme, Graduate Development programme, Aviation Management programme, Airport Operations Management, Jossor Programme and the Massey University MBA programme.

Each programme participant will be provided with a customised programme to help them meet their needs and career aspirations through training, courses and a dedicated own performance coach.

Meanwhile, those currently enrolled in the Al Darb programme will provide advice and inspiration for those that are about to start their new journey with the airline.

Eleven Cadet Pilots and four Engineers will graduate from their respective programmes and enter the Al Darb Qatarisation programme. These students will be honoured in front of their families, peers and colleagues for completing programmes at their various educational institutions. Additionally, 22 Cadet Pilots and 10 Engineers who have completed their training with the airlines’ Al Darb Qatarisation programme will graduate to First Officers and licensed Engineers respectively.

Now in its fourth year, the Al Darb has grown steadily over the years with 450 students currently participating. Qatar Airways supports 23 majors and with offices in more than 130 destinations, Al Darb offers Qataris a huge range of job and growth opportunities within the organisation, as well as training opportunities with strategic partners like Boeing, Airbus, Thales and Rolls Royce.

Qatar Airways Vice President National Talent Development Dr. Kholode Al-Obaidli said:

We try to differentiate our Qatarisation strategy from other initiatives in the market by offering something for everyone. Al Darb’s tailor-made training programmes are an excellent means of learning what you need for the kind of career you want.  With continuous support, mentorship, coaching and training, and with strategic partners, our Qatari Nationals can rise on the strength of their ambition. In that, Qatar Airways offers the kind of job and development opportunities to satisfy young Qatari ambition that no other company can, with tremendous opportunities for growth.’