Qatar Airways proudly invites visitors to the Qatar Airways Garden at Expo 2023 Doha, inspired by global botanical marvels, with a special nod to the timeless Gardens of Versailles, an exquisite blend of Qatar’s modern spirit and cherished traditions.

Expo 2023 Doha, located at Al Bidda Park, will run for six months, concluding at the end of March 2024.

Inspired by iconic landmarks

The design captures iconic landmarks from across the continents that Qatar Airways connects, including the Middle East, Europe and Asia, emphasising Qatar’s pivotal role as a global hub. The garden not only showcases the airline’s vast connectivity but also embodies the spirit of diversity, sustainability and cultural celebration.

Stepping into this sanctuary, visitors are greeted by a giant yellow teddy bear – an iconic reference to the award-winning Lamp Bear at Hamad International Airport (HIA).

Positioned as the pavilion’s focal point, the bear evokes a sense of familiarity, reminding guests of Qatar’s renowned world-class hospitality. Football icons David Beckham and Ronaldinho also recently visited the pavilion, contributing star power and emphasising its status as a premier attraction at the Expo.

Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive, HE Akbar Al Baker, said that their pavilion at Expo 2023 Doha reflects their dedication to uniting people, promoting sustainability and constantly pushing the boundaries of the travel experience. It derives inspiration from botanical marvels across the globe while showcasing Qatar’s pivotal role in global connectivity.

We are thrilled to present visitors with a space that reflects our focus on innovation, customer experience and deep-rooted ties to Qatari heritage.

A notable highlight for visitors at the pavilion is the augmented QVerse platform, which seamlessly integrates digital innovation into the botanical experience.


Launched in April 2022 to widespread acclaim, QVerse provides an immersive digital exploration of Qatar Airways’ luxurious interiors. Guided by the airline’s MetaHuman cabin crew member, Sama – which means ‘sky’ in Arabic – visitors can virtually embark on a journey through first-class check-in counters, Premium Lounges, and Business and Economy Class cabins.

The pavilion artfully merges natural beauty with innovative design, evident in the grandeur of its orchard tree, reminiscent of the Al Mourjan Garden in HIA. This exquisite addition underscores Qatar Airways’ devotion to harmonising natural aesthetics with contemporary design.

A standout feature of the garden is its stunning overhead maze, offering visitors a blend of artistic and experiential delight. Guests are invited to navigate a mesmerising maze mirrored from above, offering a splendid, picturesque moment, reflective in both design and experience. This artistic masterpiece promises to be one of the pavilion’s main attractions.

In alignment with its commitment to offering a holistic experience, Qatar Airways is also introducing an enriched in-flight experience starting tomorrow, 11 October. Passengers aboard can expect curated beverages and an exclusive à la carte menu from Evergreen Organics spotlighting Qatari farm-sourced ingredients.

Further enhancing the in-flight ambience, a dedicated Expo-themed channel offers over 30 gardening-related shows, ensuring that the journey to and from Doha resonates with the Expo’s botanical spirit.

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