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Qatar Airways Video Campaign Becomes Viral Worldwide

Campaign affirms that travel is a fundamental right for all

Qatar Airways has received tremendous support globally for its recently-launched television and social media commercial titled ‘No Borders, Only Horizons’, seen by more than 54 million viewers worldwide, making it the top viral video during the last week of June.

The campaign, launched across the airline’s social media channels, was listed as the top viral video after gaining more than 54 million views. The commercial was viewed more than 50 million times on the airline’s Facebook page, with nearly 800,000 views on Twitter, more than three million views on Instagram and more than one million views on Youtube.

The success of the commercial comes from its expression of the airline’s firm belief in the idea that travel goes beyond borders and prejudice, that it is a necessity and right for all to explore this world we live in.

Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive Akbar Al Baker said that despite ongoing prejudice and illegal actions, Qatar Airways continues to soar high in the sky where borders and boundaries do not exist, only horizons.

We are overjoyed to see that many of our loyal followers around the world have affirmed our core values, aim at bringing people together. It is because of our diverse and global network of supporters that we continue to fly the skies together. We firmly believe travel is a right for all, and this world is all of ours to explore. The blockade on the State of Qatar initiated on 5 June stripped Qatar Airways of the rights granted to it as an international airline. Nonetheless, our focus is on ensuring that we continue to serve our passengers by delivering the award-winning service for which we are renowned.’

Qatar Airways Senior Vice President Marketing and Corporate Communications Salam Al Shawa said they wanted to use an emotional and visual medium to convey their message.

This commercial eloquently expresses the sadness we feel at being separated from our passengers. Our brand message is ‘Going Places Together.’ We are together with our passengers in everything. To be forcibly separated from them is a violation of our fundamental purpose, which is to bring people together.’

The campaign highlights the common ground Qatar Airways shares with thousands of its supporters from all parts of the world, which affirms the belief that the sky has no limits. The ‘No Borders, Only Horizons’ campaign promotes the airline’s core philosophy: that the world is a better place when we explore it together.

The commercial captured the global media spotlight last week, making headlines in prominent media outlets worldwide, including Bloomberg and CNN.

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