Qatar Career Fair (QCF), a member of Qatar Foundation for  Education, Science and Community Development (QF), launched its third annual Summer Career Camp on 23 August 2015. The two-week course, which kicked off at Education City’s Recreational Centre, will see male and female Qatari high school students from around the country participate in a series of  activities, programmes, and interactive workshops.

By hosting the Summer Career Camp 2015, QCF supports QF’s mission of modernising the country in order to build a knowledge-based economy through unlocking human potential and enhancing the skills of the labour force.

Saad Abdullah Al Kharji, Head of Operations at Qatar Career Fair, said in his opening speech:

Through this event, we strive to reinforce students’ self-confidence by guiding them towards making smart decisions and choices that reflect positively on their academic and professional path, as well as introducing them to the Qatari labour market, its growth sectors, and the various recruitment needs of the state.’

The Summer Career Camp is merely one of many projects and initiatives that are currently being spearheaded and rolled out by QCF, complementing its collaborative efforts with various institutions in both the private and public sector to empower and prepare local youth to enter the Qatari labour market – and its key growth drivers – with force.’

Al Kharji also noted that the primary objective of the camp is to recruit both male and female Qatari youth and equip them with a set of practical skills that will enable them to optimally plan for their academic and professional future.

Additionally, Al Kharji noted how proud he is of Qatar Foundation’s efforts in promoting educational, research, and developmental sectors under the Qatar National Vision 2030, and propelling Qatar’s knowledge-based economy to world-class levels by elevating Qatari nationals’ competencies, honing their skills, and strengthening their talents.

The launch event also featured a slew of speeches that tackled guiding principles in career paths as well as academic specialisations and major choices. Speakers addressed labour market needs for talented Qatari professionals, as well as the importance of basing college specialisations on specific sets of standards.

To learn more about the QCF Summer Career Camp 2015, contact 4456812. Alternatively, you can email the QCF activities team at [email protected] or visit the QCF website.