The Food Security and Environment Committee at Qatar Chamber (QC) recently held a meeting with chairs of its subsidiaries and with representatives of governmental bodies to discuss the flow of food products in the country.

The meeting was presided by QC Board Member Mohamed bin Ahmed Al Obaidli.

Attendees of the meeting praised the government for the manner by which it dealt with the current crisis and the measures it adopted to curb the outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in the country.

Al Obaidli expressed his appreciation of the efforts made by the government so far, and the precautionary measures implemented to beat the virus, noting that these actions demonstrate the solidarity and cooperation of all bodies against the crisis. He also praised the economic and financial incentives issued to keep the national economy afloat.

Al Obaidli said that the private sector is fully prepared to contribute to the economic diversification and help in the current crisis, noting how it has faced the crisis during the siege.

He also stressed that the committee is in open meeting and that there is continuous and permanent meetings with producers and suppliers of foodstuffs.

The committee is ready to receive all inquiries and proposals from investors and suppliers of food products in order to find prompt solutions.

All issues related to streamlining the flow of food products to the market smoothly and continuously, whether through the local product or through import from abroad were also discussed. He said that the private sector showed high efficiency during the crisis, and that all commodities and products are available without any shortage or corruption.

The meeting also discussed the importance of issuing a law that supports the country’s agricultural sector and production through infrastructure and warehousing.