Qatar Chamber has recently launched the Takatuf Initiative to urge its members, public and private joint-stock companies and businessmen to support the country’s efforts to arrest the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

This was decided during a meeting of the Qatar Chamber Emergency Committee earlier this week, as they review the mechanisms for the implementation of the initiative.

The initiative aims to mitigate the economic impact of precautionary measures taken by the country through in-kind contribution, to provide governmental needs required for these measures.

Takatuf Initiative

The initiative also aims to help and support small companies affected by such measures in cooperation with relevant government bodies.

The step comes in view of the Chamber’s national duty, its social responsibility and its role in serving the Qatari private sector.

The Chamber has set on its website an electronic form to be filled by companies willing to support the initiative.

Based on the initiative, the Chamber is a mediator and link between the supporting companies and beneficiaries. The in-kind support will be directed to contributing to governmental needs in the face of set backs brought by the coronavirus pandemic.

The initiative also intended to enhance the inter-private sector support where large companies and entrepreneurs are encouraged to provide support for small businesses and companies whose owners face many challenges, such as rental costs and other challenges.