Qatar Chamber Chairman HE Sheikh Khalifa bin Jassim Al-Thani inaugurated the Engineering Factory for Carpets at its new headquarters in the New Industrial Area.

The ceremony was attended by investor Ghanem Al-Khayarin, Syrian Embassy Chargé d’Affaires in Qatar Dr Bilal Turkiyeh and the factory’s General Manager Raed Saqr. A number of businessmen were also there to attend the inauguration.

Sheikh Khalifa toured the factory and was briefed on the factory’s various sections, production operations and products offered to the local market, especially the handmade carpets.

In a statement, Sheikh Khalifa stressed the importance of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in the economies of developed countries. He saida that Qatar Chamber strongly supports the sector and encourages Qatari investors to invest in all industries that meet the requirements of the local market.

The chairman also affirmed their interest to enhance the national industry and help investors in the SME sector to promote their products not only in the local market but also in other countries, enabling them to showcase their products in exhibitions such as Made in Qatar to promote the local industry and support private sector exports.

According to Qatar Chamber, the SME sector grew by 2.6%, as the number of operating factories in the state increased from 814 in 2021 to 835 last year. This is in addition to the presence of 430 new industrial licensed facilities. The volume of industrial investments amounts to QAR293 billion.

The carpet factory was established four years ago, but has been expanded and moved to the New Industrial Area. They use only the finest types of New Zealand wool, with high-precision manual production line, as production of one carpet alone takes more than 400 hours.

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