Qatar Chamber proposed to establish a Productive Resource Development Fund with a UN sponsorship, aimed at developing production resources as a contribution to support the least developed countries and the structural transformation of the economy.

The proposal was revealed by Qatar Chamber Board Member and Chairperson of the Food Security Committee Mohamed bin Ahmed Al-Obaidli during the session, Agriculture and Rural Development during the second day of the LDC5 Private Sector Forum.

Speaking during the session, Al-Obaidli stressed the readiness of the Qatar Chamber to host the fund’s headquarters and facilitate its initial meetings to discuss the idea with all its technical, financial and legal dimensions under the UN sponsorship, in order to put the initiative into practice and launch the fund this year.

The fund aims to contribute to supporting the least developed countries by transferring productive resources and generating jobs.

Al-Obaidli also said that Qatar attached special attention to food security, indicating that the success it achieved in this sector was due to the collective efforts of all stakeholders and the interest in all components of supply chains.

Underscoring the private sector role, Al-Obaidli indicated that it has a major role in this process, through its capabilities to provide financing, technology and infrastructure necessary for the structural transformation of rural economies, establishing new industries with added value, increasing farmers‘ income and creating jobs.

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