Qatar Chamber (QC), in collaboration with the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs (MADLSA) recently announced that they have successfully completed the development and improvement of the ‘Labour Re-Employment Platform’, an initiative that was launched earlier by QC in cooperation with MADLSA in July.

The platform has been developed and updated to be an inclusive electronic gateway available for all companies. The update includes setting up an electronic link between MADLSA and QC to streamline the platform’s work mechanism.

Qatar Chamber Labour reemployment platformCompanies looking to hire new employees can login to the platform to register and get a username and password. The company will then receive an email to activate the registration, which will then prompt them to fill in the required information. The application will be Under Review.

Meanwhile, the application will be forwarded to the MADLSA which will verify the company’s data (or whether they have any violations related to labour), then an email will be sent to the company stating that the application is Approved. The company will now be able to view and choose from the resumes available from the platform.

After the company has chosen their ‘shortlisted’ candidates, they will receive a link to start procedures for changing the employee’s workplace.

Following the completion of procedures with the ministry and the transfer of employment to a new company, MADLSA, through the Joint Commission, will send QC the names of workers who are moved to the new company. These workers will then be removed from the platform.

In case the application is rejected due to violations made by the company, an email will be sent to the company stating the reason of disapproval and requesting the company to resolve their issues. Please note that the labour platform aims to help companies obtain appropriate employment and ensure the continuity of projects and businesses in the local market.

The platform also aims to help companies find skilled labourers from the pool of laid-off or redundant workers from other companies, thus avoiding any shortage of labourers that may cause project failure or delay.

Since its inception a few months ago, the platform saw a large turnout from companies in the private sector in search of new employment. More than 1,300 companies have registered in the platform to date.

A joint committee between Qatar Chamber and MADLSA supervises and facilitates work on the platform to help companies obtain appropriate employment and maintain skilled labour in Qatar as well as assist in the re-employment of labourers in the local market.

Check out the updated Labour Re-employment Platform via this LINK