Qatar Concert Choir has just returned home after breaking exciting new ground on its first overseas trip, singing Beethoven’s Choral Symphony in Malaga with the Youth Orchestra of Malaga conducted by one of the finest conductors in the world, the famous French-American conductor George Pehlivanian.

Qatar Concert Choir in Malaga
Qatar Concert Choir in Malaga

The choir spent a week in southern Spain in late August, taking part in the Curso Internacional Eduardo Ocón, singing in a stand-alone concert conducted by their artistic director, Giovanni Pasini – and then topping off an exciting and rewarding week with two successful performances of Beethoven’s Symphony No 9 in D minor. The powerful work is famous for its final, fourth movement in which the choir sings Schiller’s poem ‘Ode To Joy’ with a full orchestra.

Director Pasini said he was very proud of all the singers and of the musical journey they’ve been on, and grateful to Maestro Pehlivanian for the wonderful opportunity. He said that when he took over the choir five years ago, he never imagined travelling to Europe to sing one of the most famous choral works in the classical repertoire.

Ode To Joy carries a message of hope, not just for Europe but also for the future of our adopted country – Qatar. I hope we’ll be able to perform it here one day soon. I would urge any singers in Qatar to come and join our ranks and enjoy the positive and enjoyable experience of choral singing.’

Pasini is also Principal Viola of Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra and Conductor of the Youth Orchestra of Qatar.

Qatar Concert Choir is performing this Thursday, 20 September at 6 pm in PHILHARMONIC AT THE LIBRARY: SOUNDS OF THE SEA with the CineMoon Ensemble. The venue is at the Qatar National Library. Admission is free.

If you’re interested to audition for the choir, call 7011 8887 or send an email to [email protected].