Building upon their ongoing partnership, Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI) and Boeing [NYSE:BA] will co-organise the Machine Learning and Data Analytics Symposium (MLDAS) on 3 and 4 March 2014 in Doha.

This symposium will focus on the various applications, recent advances and new solutions in the fields of machine learning and data analytics.  MLDAS will also feature a series of discussions and case studies by industry leaders from around the world.  The deadline for submitting research abstracts has been extended to 31 January 2014.

Dr Ahmed K. Elmagarmid, Executive Director of QCRI, said:

To date, our joint work in data analytics research has been focused on addressing specific problems, but this event will provide an open venue to a wider research audience for the exchange of ideas in an area of science that is growing in importance to science and industry alike.’

Data analytics is a science that focuses on extracting meaningful and actionable information from large volumes of data, with the goal of enabling optimal decision making, improving business performance and provoking new questions.  A growing number of challenges exist as data generation has become more abundant and has taken on new forms, structured and unstructured, static and streaming. Machine learning is an expanding research domain where algorithms are developed to learn from data, thus helping to process massive amounts of data through applying predictive techniques.

Boeing and QCRI signed an agreement in early 2013 to jointly investigate ways to better recognise patterns, correlations and anomalies in massive amounts of data through machine learning algorithms and data analytics techniques applicable to aircraft maintenance data.  This agreement will result in the development of statistical and analytical methods for learning predictors and detectors in airplane health management.

Dr Mohammed J Zaki, the Principal Scientist, QCRI and symposium co-chair emphasised the importance of the event:

This symposium features world renowned experts in machine learning and data mining. It serves as a launching pad for the data mining, machine learning, and data analytics initiative at QCRI. Partnering with Boeing reflects our two primary goals of cutting-edge science for big data analytics and real-world applications.’

Researchers and students are invited to submit research abstracts related to the domain, and if accepted, will be asked to present their research at the symposium.

Submission guidelines and other details about the symposium can be found by visiting Machine Learning and Data Analytics Symposium’s website.