Qatar Feral and Stray Cat Group (QFSCG) has launched a fundraising initiative to trap, neuter and return 70 Doha community cats to honour National TNR Day.

The participation of four of Doha’s finest veterinary clinics endorses the importance of neutering all animals to prevent unwanted litters. Royal Vet, Al Tamimi Vet Clinic, Qatar Vet Clinic and Vet Life Clinic have offered to spay or neuter five community street cats on Thursday 16 October 2014 in a positive drive to reduce feline populations humanely and kindly, and to raise the awareness of the public to the necessity of sterilising their house pets.

Ann Young of QFSCG, explains:

Removing cats simply doesn’t work, as more cats will appear to fill the vacuum that’s left, and very soon things are back to where they started. The first 20 of our cats will be fixed for free due to the generosity the participating vets’ clinics…our aim is then to raise enough funding to pay for a further 50 cats to be spayed or neutered. We couldn’t continue with our work without public donations or the generous help of local vets and we thank them all wholeheartedly for their support.

QFSCG is a non-profit organisation working in Doha to help control the overpopulation of community cats. QFSCG works in parallel to the Department of Animal Resurces, which also runs a program to fix community cats. Removing cat populations through culling doesn’t work as more cats will move into the vacuum left behind. Excessive populations can be troublesome, and neutering them stabilises colonies so the number of cats gradually declines, the cats are healthier and cleaner, they are effective rodent control and an asset to the community.

The four vet clinics have extended their promotion of TNR Day to the public 10% off the spaying or neutering of pet cats and dogs, valid until 23 October 2014 (subject to availability). Donations can be made online at from 16 October 2014 or at any of the vet clinics listed above.

For more information or appointments, call 4456 0435.