Artworks and community-focused activities celebrate the journey of reading

Artworks commissioned by the National Reading Campaign of Qatar Foundation (QF), celebrating the journey and joy of reading books are showcased at the 29th Doha International Book Fair (DIBF).

The community-focused QF campaign – designed to foster love of literature in Qatar – invited local artists to produce works that capture the essence of reading. The five commissioned pieces are on display at DIBF, one of the largest international book fairs in the Gulf region.

The artworks include blueprint photographs of Khalifa Al Obaidly, inspired by manuscripts of the indigo trade between the Gulf and India; Maryam Al Homaid’s art illusion with the word ‘imagination’Khalifa Al Marri‘s, abstract animation of the mental voyages a person takes while reading; Paul Valentine‘s carved books; and Sebastian Betancur-Montoya‘s journey in the middle of the sea while reading a book.

The National Reading Campaign has been encouraging members of the community to share their favourite book on the ‘Community Shelves’ with a note explaining why they like the book, for others to find. Interactive activities featuring characters from childrens books and ‘find the missing character’ game allows young visitors to discover how much fun reading can be.

The 29th Doha International Book Fair is open until this Saturday, 8 December, at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre. Check this link for more information about the fair.  Visit the QF website for more details about their National Reading Campaign.