Qatar Foundation is being transformed into a night-time playground for two Inuit-inspired characters – the Anooki – with a serious message to send on the importance of protecting our planet.

Featuring an immersive light show and a series of inflatable characters installed on buildings across Education City, the Anooki experience aims to raise awareness about the effects of climate change, and educate people about the need for everyone to play their part in building a more sustainable world.

The Anooki will be in place from 16 to 21 February with pre-registered tours available to the public via the Education City App.  A series of precautionary measures are being taken to ensure those who book can experience the installation while adhering to Qatar’s COVID-19 health guidelines.

The Anooki

The Anooki with creators David Passegand and Moetu Batlle
The Anooki with creators David Passegand and Moetu Batlle

The characters were brought to life by French designers David Passegand and Moetu Batlle and were initially based on themselves. The Anooki’s visit to Education City is a perfect fit – with sustainability – and engaging and empowering people to make it part of their lives – being at the core of QF’s mission.

The Anooki at Qatar Foundation 1Explaining the journey of the two characters, creator Passegand said that the Anooki’s house was melted by global warming, so now they run around the world and discover different cities.

Everywhere they go, because they are joyful and full of hope, they play. Every new place is like a new playground – it’s a game, but a game inspired by the issue of global warming. It’s a fun and accessible way of telling the story of global warming and climate change issues.

We want people to have fun, but to understand that our planet is fragile. The way we built the Anooki, and the inflatables – because of the materials we used – are also fragile, and this represents the fragility of our world.

Making sustainability part of our lives

Hisham Nourin, Executive Director of Strategy, Administration and Projects at QF Community Development, said they aim to make sustainability part of our lives by heightening understanding of what it means for our societies and our future, and how everyone can contribute to a more sustainable world.

By bringing the Anooki to Qatar Foundation, Nourin said they are using the power of art to engage people with the issue, and emphasise the importance of everyone adopting actions and mindsets that can help protect and preserve the planet.

Immersive light show and guided tours

The immersive light show will take place at Penrose House (LAS Building), with Anooki installations at ThinkBay, the Green Spine, Medbay (Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar), Biznest (Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar), Manufactury (Texas A&M University at Qatar), and the Ceremonial Court.

Guided tours will take place every 20 minutes, 6 pm until 11 pm daily from 16 to 21 February. A maximum of only 15 people will be allowed on each guided tour, with social distancing measures in place. All attendees must wear a face mask at all times and to have a green Ehteraz status on their mobile. All attendees will also have their temperature taken before the tour.

To attend, members of the community must pre-register through the newly-launched Education City App,  available to download for free from Google Play and Apple Store.

Visit for more information. 

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