Qatar Foundation conducted a community walk about breast cancer awareness and the importance of early detection, to encourage people to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

The event was held at Oxygen Park in Education City as the Breast Cancer Awareness Month drew to a close. The community walk was aimed at encouraging people to adopt a healthy lifestyle and highlighted how the risk of breast cancer can be reduced through early screening.

During October, Qatar Foundation (QF) was the venue for an array of breast cancer awareness activities attended by students, faculty members from universities at QF, health experts, families, and participants from across Qatar’s community. These events, organised by QF students with the support of their universities, featured lectures, workshops, and fun and meaningful activities designed to encourage people of all ages to play their part in building a healthier society.

‘Wall of Words’ an event featured to promote the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle made people write messages of support to breast cancer patients, and a ‘Pledge Table’, which encouraged visitors to make a lifelong vow to build healthy and supportive relationships.

QF Community Development, QF partner universities, Sidra Medicine, Qatar University, and the Protection and Social Rehabilitation Centre (Aman) were the main promoters for the walk.

The fourth awareness campaign organised by the students of WCM-Q  have reached nearly 2,000 people and helped them in identifying cancer at the early stage and regular check-ups. The students have also collaborated with many health institutions such as Hamad Medical Corporation, Sidra Medicine, Qatar Biomedical Research Institute, Qatar Medical Students Association and WCM-Q.

Ghada Al-Qashouti, the main coordinator and a member of VCUarts Qatar’s Student Government Association said:

Raising awareness of breast cancer was the aim of the event. We want to contribute to reduce the impact of this disease by raising awareness of the need for early screening, not only for those over 45 but for those who are younger. We should not shy away from talking about this disease out loud and listen to the experiences of those who are suffering and those who have helped women to beat breast cancer, as they share their stories and the reality of living with this disease.’

People at the event wore pink ribbons, to show their support for women suffering from breast cancer.

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