Qatar Foundation launches the fourth cycle of its Akhlaquna Award – an annual initiative launched by Qatar Foundation Chairperson HE Sheikha Moza bint Nasser in 2017 to highlight the timeless and universal values exhibited by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that remain relevant and vital to people of all ages and cultures today. 

HH Sheikha Moza bint Nasser Akhlaquna Day 2020
Akhlaquna Day 2020

Each year, young people with exemplary moral character and who inspire others through the example they set, are recognised through the award. Akhlaquna also nurtures behavioural change within society, heightening awareness of interconnectivity between knowledge and morality.

According to Machaille Hassan Al Naimi, President of Community Development at Qatar Foundation, they have already influenced the lives of thousands of people through Akhlaquna, empowering people to recognise how the values and behaviours they exhibit and live by, benefit themselves and those around them.

They have become ambassadors for the morals and values that stand at the core of Akhlaquna, inspiring others to adopt, embrace and exemplify them in their own daily lives.

This is how Akhlaquna is serving as a vehicle for positive change within our society, as it promotes, instils and catalyzes behaviours that make communities stronger, more unified, more tolerant, and more aware.

The three cycles of Akhlaquna have illustrated how the innovative, creative and socially-engaged youth are committed to leading this change and making a difference to their community and the world.

As we enter the fourth cycle of this empowering initiative, we look forward to seeing the young people of Qatar come forward with their ideas for placing robust human values at the heart of society.

Akhlaquna highlights the enduring importance of values such as mercy, tolerance, honesty, and generosity, to create a ripple effect that benefits not only the Qatar community but also the global community.

Young people have submitted over 250 projects to Akhlaquna since launching. The initiative has also provided tailored workshops to hundreds of youth, guiding and empowering them to establish their own humanitarian initiatives. The fourth cycle will unfold to reflect the current pandemic, with the first half of the programme taking place on virtual platforms.

Qatari citizens and residents 15 to 24 years old can submit projects, either as individuals or teams. Three shortlisted projects will be voted on by the public and will be assessed by a panel of jurors. The winner will be announced during a dedicated Akhlaquna Day ceremony later this year.

Visit the Akhlaquna Award website for more information.  

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