Qatar Foundation’s (QF) Pre-University Education (PUE) has opened registration for its QFS Community Outreach Classes, which will run from 14 April-8 May at Awsaj Academy in Education City. 

The classes, open to children aged 7-12 and those aged 18 years and older, include creative writing, Spanish, Maths, English as a second language, and STREAM. The programme will be delivered by teachers from various QF schools.

Hissa Al-Kubaisi, Academic Affairs’ Co-Curriculum Programme Manager at PUE, explained about how the classes are designed to encourage social engagement in Qatar:

I would like to thank our teachers for their time and dedication in delivering this programme. QF schools have exceptional teachers and facilities and we would like to encourage the wider community to register.’

Education is one of QF’s main mission areas, and through the QFS Community Outreach Classes, PUE is striving to promote the importance of learning and human development.

To learn more about the classes on offer, or to register, please visit this website