Qatar Foundation (QF) has partnered with Torba Farmers Market, a Qatar-based initiative that aims to deliver organic and locally-grown food and homemade products, to host a weekly market in Education City.

Open to the public, the market will have its launch this Thursday, 16 November at the QF Ceremonial Court. It will be accessible from Gate 2 every Thursday, 9 am to 4 pm and every Friday,  8 am to 11 am and 2 pm to 5 pm.

Machaille Al-Naimi, President of Community Development at QF, said they were delighted to partner with Torba Farmers Market.

At QF we strive to ensure that sustainability is an integral part of the day-to-day lives of local residents, and this partnership will not only provide access to locally-grown produce, but also help promote the importance of healthy lifestyles.

Community Development is at the heart of Qatar Foundation, and this initiative is a wonderful opportunity for us to foster social engagement while supporting local producers and farmers.’

The name ‘Torba’ is derived from Arabic, and means the ‘pure soil that feeds, nourishes, and nurtures’. A wide-range of fresh, locally-grown items will be on offer, including organic fruits and vegetables, homemade preserves, syrups, and butter, as well as handicrafts and gardening supplies.

Fatma Al-Khater, Founder of Torba Farmers Market, said they wanted to create an open-air, communal space for locals and visitors to come together with vendors, farmers, and producers.

Torba Farmers Market will offer an array of artisan, organic, and locally-grown food and products. It’s a community-inspired initiative aimed at promoting organic and homegrown produce in a bid to create healthier, more active communities. It supports local produce and agriculture.

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