Qatar Foundation‘s edutainment TV series Siraj is set to launch a special Ramadan edition in Qatar and the Arab world. The new episodes will air this Friday, 24 March, and will continue throughout Ramadan – every Friday and Saturday on Qatar TV.

Each episode will also be posted on the Siraj YouTube channel, making it easier for families to watch and enjoy the show together.

Enjoyable, educational journey

Rashid and Noura, the beloved characters from the animated TV series Siraj, will take children on an enjoyable and educational journey full of moral and good values. This will provide a unique opportunity for children to engage in a fun and interactive learning experience that aligns with the spirit of Ramadan.

The upcoming Ramadan series seeks to educate children about various Islamic values through engaging storytelling with eight episodes showcasing the stories of the Prophets, and aiming to promote the Arabic language, local culture and Islamic values – making it a valuable resource for parents and kids alike.

The series will cover a range of topics, including the stories of Prophet Musa, Prophet Yousef, Prophet Mohammed, Prophet Noah, Prophet Suliman, Prophet Shuaib, Prophet Mohammed Prophet Dawood and Prophet Suliman. Each episode will highlight a specific moral value, such as helping others, tolerance, animal welfare, patience, responsibility, honesty, humility, and justice.

Bringing the values of Ramadan to kids

According to Sara Al Hajri, ‏Associate Director of Culture, Heritage and Identity in the Education Development Institute of Qatar Foundation’s Pre-University Education (PUE), the Ramadan edition of Siraj is an exciting and engaging educational journey for children

The episodes will bring together the values of Ramadan and the rich culture and heritage of the Arab world. Through Siraj, viewers can expect to be transported into the world of the Prophets and learn about important moral values. Al Hajri noted that by highlighting the stories of the Prophets, the series offers a unique perspective on challenges that face our world today, providing a valuable resource for parents and their children to learn and grow together.

Siraj’s Ramadan series aims to have a significant impact on children’s understanding of Islamic values helping them to build a strong moral foundation that will serve them well throughout their lives.

By presenting the stories of the Prophets in an engaging and interactive way, she said they hope to inspire children to embody important values.

Al Hajri also explained that while the show is primarily aimed at children, its messages and themes relate to people of all ages and backgrounds.

The Prophets have always been a source of guidance and inspiration for people, offering valuable lessons and insights into how to navigate the challenges of life.

Siraj said that the impact of the series will extend beyond Ramadan, as children will carry the values with them into their daily lives, strengthening their relationships with their families, communities and the wider world.

Ultimately, she said they hope that the series contribute to creating a better and more compassionate society.

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