Two members of Qatar Foundation (QF) – Qatar Genome Programme (QGP) and Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF), recently launched the third cycle of the ‘Path Towards Personalised Medicine’ or PPM, a fund designed to support research projects aimed at developing customised healthcare solutions in Qatar.

This third cycle is building on the success of the PPM’s previous editions, which benefited from the biological samples and data collected by Qatar Biobank, another QF member, and QGP, from the local population in Qatar. Successful applicants will work towards advancing genomic research in Qatar, from basic research and towards clinical implementation.

According to Dr Asmaa Al Thani, Board Vice Chairperson of Qatar Biobank and Chairperson of the QGP Committee, PPM is making it easier for researchers in Qatar to conduct innovative genomic research, and the research made possible through the fund will no doubt effectively translate into tangible healthcare solutions and enhance future care for patients.

We encourage researchers to make use of this opportunity, learn and contribute to Qatar’s quest for personalised medicine implementation.’

QNRF Executive Director Dr Abdul Sattar Al Taie,  said their partnership with Qatar Genome Programme aims to foster and support precision medicine research that matures innovative healthcare practices and medical technologies in Qatar.

Our ultimate goal is to integrate precision medicine practices into Qatar’s healthcare system, to improve the management and treatment of chronic diseases faced by the Qatari population. This collaboration will further enrich and nurture local human capacity to effectively address the healthcare challenges faced by the region.’

The research priority areas for PPM in this cycle are based on Qatar’s national priorities, such as the analyses of common chronic diseases – cardiovascular, neurological disorders and cancer, and genomic medicine digital e-solutions and applications.

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