Qatar Green Building Council summer workshops introduced school students to sustainability issues and concepts.

The QGBC workshops held in collaboration with the Qatar Science Club during the Qatar Science Summer Camp, offered Grade 5 – 7 students an introduction to sustainable best practices through interactive sessions covering various topics including renewable energy, green design, and environmental technology.

Hamoda Youssef, Head of Communications, QGBC, said:

In addition to teaching students about sustainability and green best practices in the built environment, the workshops also help to develop skills such as team work and how to practically apply ideas.’

At the end of the QGBC workshops, students were tasked with designing a sample model of a sustainable house by practically applying the green concepts they learned.

Reem Hikmat Aatiki, an International Ebla School student who participated in the QGBC workshops, said:

These workshops helped me to learn about sustainability concepts and how to effectively implement them. I really enjoyed working with my team mates to design a sustainable home and seeing the different designs from other teams.’

Eyad Mohammed, Environmental Technical Instructor at Qatar Science Club, said:

The Qatar Science Club Summer Camp encourages students to make constructive use of their free time. The numerous interactive sessions covering a broad range of topics allow students to learn in an informal and fun setting.’

As a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF), QGBC seeks to promote sustainable best practices in Qatar through education, training, research and public awareness.

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