Qatar Leadership Academy (QLA) held a virtual ceremony to honour the accomplishments of their 20 graduates, bringing together students, parents and teachers, representatives from Qatar Foundation and the Ministry of Defence.

Mohammed Abdulla Mahmoud, this year’s Academic Excellence Award recipient and Valedictorian, expressed his thanks to his teachers and to the school administration.

Many thanks to my teachers, who were excellent role models for values, ethics, and morals – they helped and supported me. I want to thank the school administration for creating this supportive and inspiring environment, which makes me proud on the day of my graduation.

For the first time, QLA also announced three recipients of the Leadership Excellence Awards – previously awarded to only one student – presented to Falah Ali Al Badi, Nasser Saheem Al Sheraim and Saoud Abdulaziz Alzeyara.

First place awardee Falah Al Badi, expressed his ‘sincere gratitude to all the staff of QLA for efforts in educating and preparing them for the future. He said that they benefited immensely from the academy’s programmes and activities.

QLA has always been, and will remain an outstanding place for teaching and learning. Thank you to all the staff, including administrators, teachers and supervisors.

QLA Director Jameel Al Shammari, said that over the years, the school has worked to equip students with the tools, skills and knowledge to succeed.

You are ambassadors of your country. And now it is time for you to harvest the fruits of your success, and for us to commemorate your incredible accomplishments.

Al Shammari also spoke to the parents of the graduates:

Congratulations to you and your sons. You are worthy of this honour. You protected them, and strengthened their resolve. Blessed be their successes to your families, and congratulations to your nation.

The virtual ceremony featured a video with highlights of the students, including programmes they participated in, their studies, and boarding school life.

QLA is part of the Qatar Foundation Pre-University Education. Their Class of 2020 includes 15 Qataris, two Kuwaitis, one Omani, one Yemeni, and one American, with three graduates gaining acceptance to international universities.

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